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Medical tourism

Professor doctor Stefan Luchian
-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery MD, PhD in Medical Sciences

Medical ecquipments

Multi Pulse laser technology is the result of a vast medical experience gained over the years in surgical research.
CO2 laser surgery introduced in over 30 years, is still the most complex laser used in plastic cosmetic surgery today.
When the laser reaches the tissue, the court shall cause a thermal effect leading to ablation or vaporization, causing minimal side effects over healthy tissue.
Laser offers many advantages at the expense of traditional surgery: ablation and cutting skin without bleeding. Thanks photocoagulation, small vessels are closed.


Upper and lower eyelids fall represent a natural consequence of aging skin.This affections which interest young persons, are not only aestethic problems.They cause discomfort and visual field restriction, fluides as well as eye congestion.
Because MultiPulse technology, the specialist can draw incizions on natural line of eyelids with a great precision, removing small sections from skin excess.
After extirpation, the scars are practically invisible Comparing traditionally blepharoplasty, MultiPulse reduces a lot postoperative hematoma.
Due to the effect of photocoagulation , there are no bleedings, allowing the surgeon a better view on the treatment area.


Breast augmentation
Breast lift (mastopexy)
Botulinum toxin injection (ampoule included)
Autologous fat injection
Graft excision, skin lesions
Breast reduction
Gynecomastia surgery
Supernumerary nipple surgery
Breast reconstruction
Upper and lower eyelid correction
Facial lifting
Cervico-facial lifting
Brow lift surgery
Abdominal lipoabsortion exterior/interior thighs
Chin absorbtion
Off ear surgery
Nerves excision / cyst / lipoma
Nail surgery
Hand surgery (carpal tunnel, recovery tendon, nerve suture)
Felon surgery
Surgery for hernia, eventration
Collagen injection (collagen included)
Plastic surgery Professor consultation
Plastic surgery MD consultation

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