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The Love Tunnel, One of the Most Romantic Places in Romania

On the railway that connects Caransebesh with Boutzari (in the South-West of Romania, Caransebesh County) there lays one of the most romantic places in Romania, or maybe even in the world, that seems unreal and full of magic, and that we could easily name “The Love Tunnel”.



If you wonder where this is and what is it about this place that makes it so special, here are some information:

The railway that connects CaransebesshBoutzari - Subcetate is a secondary railway in Romania; it is simple and non electrified; the route between Caransebesh and Boutzari was inaugurated on the 11th of November 1908, while the one between Boutzari-Subcetate, on 1st of May 1909.

Due to the high slope declivities up to 50 mm/m on the route between Boutzari and Sarmizegetuza, the trains’ circulation was done on a rack-railway. Between 1908 and 1978 (year when the section Bouţari-Sarmizegetuza was closed to passenger trains) the train traction was made – for the entire distance- with steam engines.

In the year of 1995 the second railway section which connected Sarmisegetuza and Hatzeg was closed for passengers’ trains; following that, during the year of 2000, the railway between Boutari and Hateg was dismantled, and passed over under the SAAF administration.

Nowadays on the railway Caransebes-Boutzari are running passenger and goods trains, and on the railway section Hatzeg-Subcetate temporarily run only goods trains.


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