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Tourism in Romania

Romania in terms of tourism.

Tourism in Romania is concentrated on natural landscapes and her rich history.
Crossed by the water of Danube, Romania includes the beautiful and wooded Carpathian Mountains, the Coast of Black Sea and The Danube Delta ,which is the biggest European delta.
The natural landscapes are represented also by rustic villages, where people from there live and maintain for hundred of years traditions.
Romania also remarks by religious architecture, medieval cities and his castles.

The richness and variety of turistic attractions, natural but also cultural and historic, brings Romania on the first places in Europe. The location of Romania,on the crossroads of many European Roads, facilitate access by all means-by plane, by car or by boat.

The main touristic attractions in Romania are :
The capital-Bucharest,
The Black Sea, with her resorts-Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Neptun etc.,
Danube Delta,
Carpathian Mountains, especially Valea Prahovei and Poiana Brasov (montan areas the most visited),
Bucovina, situated in the North of Moldavia, with her famous churches and monasteries, whose exterior paintings (dating from XVI century) were declared UNESCO patrimony , Maramures, South of Transilvania (including Hateg area) and the surrounded areas ( the Dacian civilization cradle ) and North of Oltenia.

Besides these interest touristic areas, in Romania, are many others touristic centers, cities and resorts.They included cities with medieval vestiges: Iasi (the old capital of Moldavia), Cluj (the most important city of Medieval Transilvania).Timisoara (a multiethnic and multicultural city from Banat)  Brasov, Targoviste ( the capital of Muntenia, before Bucharest), Sibiu, Sighisoara.

The Danube at the Iron Gates,  Fagaras Mountains (with the most spectacular alpin relief  from Romania) or The National Park Retezat from Southern Carpathians , delight visitors with their beautifully without pair. The historic places and their natural environment are attraction points for turists, and not only, thanks to the folk legends - for example “Dracula Legends”.

During the last years, Romania became a favorite destination fore more Europeans. Resorts like Mangalia, Saturn, Venus, Neptun, Olimp and Mamaia (calles sometimes: Romanian Riviera”) are the main touristic attractions during summer. Over winter, ski resorts from Valea Prahovei and those from Poiana Brasov, are the preferred destinations for turists. For their medieval atmosphere and for the castles situated there, many Transilvanian cities, like Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara, Cluj, or Targu-Mures, became important points of attractions for all tourists.

An important role also has rural tourism , which focuses on promoting folklore and traditions. Main attraction points are represented by The Bran Castle, painted monasteries from North of Moldavia, wooden churches from Transilvania or the “Merry Cementery” from Sapanta.

Other important touristic attractions from Romania are the natural ones, like Danube Delta, The Iron Gates, Scarisoara Cave, and other caves from Apuseni Mountains.

Bucharest - The Capital of Romania
The complex functions, the position in the country and numerous objectives with historical value, architectonic and other nature make Bucharest one of the main historical touristic centre of Romania.Bucharest remarks by eclectic mix of architectural styles.

Through historical and architectonic monuments are counting down churches and monasteryes, having, usually, few centuries old: The Old Court and Mihai Voda, Radu Voda and Sf.Gheorghe Nou, Coltea, Antim, Kretzulescu, Patriarhia Romaniei etc.;
palaces (The Royal Palace from ensemble The Old Court, Ghica-Tei, Sutu, Cotroceni - today the official residence of the Romanian President, Cantacuzino - now, The Romanian Musical Museum, The Justice Palce, National History Museum, Royal Palace, Romanian government headquarters etc.); houses and other edifices: Melik House, Manuc’s Inn , Lahovary’s Castle, Vernescu, Central School for Girls, University,Romanian Athenaum etc.;
modern edifices like Casa Poporului or Parliament Palace, symbol of grandeur, Sport’s Palace, Romanian Television, National Theatre, Intercontnental Hotel.

Bucharest is equally,  a city of museums, art collections and memorial houses: The Old Court Museum - the oldest princely ensemble kept in Bucharest, National History Museum, Porcelain and Glass Museum, Romanian Music Museum, Vilage Museum, Peasant Museum, ”Grigore Antipa” History National Museum, Geologic Museum, ”Engineer D.Leonida”  Tehnic Museum.
There is also,  a large number of tourists attraction for the surroundings of Bucharest: palaces (Mogosoaia and Potologi), churches and monasteries (Cernica, Snagov - with the tomb of Romanian Voivod - Vlad Tepes also known in Occident as Dracula), forests and lakes which constitute toghther, agreements places (Snagov, Cernica, Pustnicul, Baneasa).

A main attraction point also represents parks - Herastrau, Cismigiu, Tineretului, Triumph Arc, Botanic Garden.


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